ApertΩArts is an international, interdisciplinary curatorial platform. Often bringing forth exchanges between art, history and science, ApertΩArts offers spatial and sensory conditions for embodied experiences to invigorate public discourse and inspire social change.



Stoyan Dechev - Event Horizon
Frieze Sculpture 2021 - English Gardens in The Regent's Park, London Photo ©ApertoArts



Stoyan Dechev - Event Horizon
Frieze Sculpture 2021 - English Gardens in The Regent's Park, LondonPhoto © Frieze

Frieze Sculpture 202114 Sept - 31 Oct 2021London, United Kingdom

Frieze’s Sculpture Park in Regent’s Park

ART. NO BORDERS. PLOVDIV.01-30 Sept 2019Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Week of Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture, Bulgaria.

Anca Poterasu - Leipzig Space18 May – 22 Jun 2019Leipzig, Germany

Solo Exhibition

With contribution from the Astronomer Mirela Napetova .



Event Horizon, Stoyan Dechev, Anca Poterasu, Leipzig 2019. Photo © Stoyan Dechev

Stoyan Dechev's Event Horizon (2019) explores the inherent ambiguities and metaphorical quality of clouds, their imagery repetition since antiquity and their correspondence to other natural phenomena. Drawing parallels with science and belief systems, the sculpture unveils the relationship between the visible and the immaterial around us, providing us with a chance to consider the limits of our knowledge and probe the origin of myths' existence.Set in an enclosed room, 'Event Horizon' is a towering cloud in a solid state which seemingly hovers above five thinly spiked lightning bolts. Its generous scale combined with our inability to see the work as a whole renders the space and the viewer a sense of littleness or totality, both senses of wonder.Throughout history, the ever-evolving natural phenomenon of clouds formation, a condensation of millions of water droplets formed by rising warm air, serves as a backdrop for poetical inspiration, contemplation and our scientific exploration. It was in Venice, from where I am writing, that Tintoretto, Canaletto and Guardi started to embrace clouds as solid forms, either involving biblical or mythical figures in heavenly settings or interweaving with earthly scenes. In many polytheistic and monotheistic religions, the highest of Gods stands on clouds tenaciously holding a thunderbolt, separating them from all the other deities. Clouds were and still are for many individuals the point of contact between earth and heaven, between matter and spirit.Mimicking nature where there is never a finalised state of cloud configurations, an ever-changing "system of systems of codes" accompanies human evolution and its countless associations with clouds.The Big Data advent has empowered the metaphor of clouds to unfold toward even bigger ambits. New ‘clouds’ of ‘information’ consisting of digital data have become the memory or, one may say, the brain of today's contemporary society. They host and connect seemingly our knowledge and lives in ephemeral, apparently boundless and perpetual spaces.
Remarkably, these newest clouds associations maintain their close affinity to human processes sustaining their influential historical correlation with our quotidian pursuits.
The relatively light sculpture, cast in aluminium and polished inox, blends analysis of spatial and mathematical concepts including manipulation of complex forms of mass with the work’s contemplative attributes. Whether intended or not, the sculpture resembles a charged brain - the assumed location of our internal map of reality. The lightning bolts have numerous connotations, from the thunder of the gods to neurons "firing" in a brain or possibly even some of the tensions and dangers of today's interconnected world, where technology has enabled us to wipe out our own existence in an “ultimate flash”.As I marvel at the totality of 'Event Horizon' I wonder, among other things, about our personal autonomy. Could the latest and ever more omnipresent cloud be the first step towards humanity's own 'point-of-no-return', the boundary at which the gravitational pull becomes so great making escaping it impossible?Lavínia Diniz FreitasProject realized by the ARAC association (Romanian Contemporary Art Association) in collaboration with Anca Poterasu Gallery. It is supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute and co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).


Event Horizon, Stoyan Dechev, Anca Poterasu, Leipzig 2019. Photo © Stoyan Dechev


Stoyan Dechev - Event Horizon
Frieze Sculpture 2021 - English Gardens in The Regent's Park, LondonPhoto © Lavinia Freitas


Event Horizon, Stoyan Dechev, in situ ART. NO BORDERS. PLOVDIV. 2019, Plovdiv, Bulgaria - European Capital of Culture 2019. Courtesy Anca Poterasu and Artist


A sculptural installation in the public realm by Karolina Halatek


Beacon, in situ King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia © Karolina Halatek

Under One Sky
Noor Riyadh
18 March 2021Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A commission for the Riyadh Art Project by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City


Beacon is a new large-scale sculptural installation by Karolina Halatek in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which invites viewers to immerse themselves in a dazzling white light in the form of a pillar pointing towards the sky, connecting heaven and earth to evoke the sublime.The monumental sculpture acts as a beacon, yet, offers a small, intimate space when experienced from the inside. Its formal simplicity and the purity of its white light generate a mysterious and calming effect on those who approach it.Those who walk into Beacon will be embraced by an unexpected and extraordinarily bright light, which will immediately shift their perception, leaving the quotidien within seconds. The light pillar is a source of guidance and protection. Its white light encompasses all colours of the spectrum conjuring up to notions of completeness, fulfilment, redemption.Beacon is a commission by the 'Royal Commission for Riyadh City belonging to the Riyadh Art initiative, a city-wide strategy to transform public spaces, create a movement for artistic expression through community engagement, and accelerate the development of its cultural economy.The inaugural edition of Noor Riyadh unites many renowned names in light art, bringing to the city of Riyadh some of the biggest international and regional artists while providing a transformative platform to an expanding roster of emerging local artists. Among the 63 participating artists are Saudi artists Ahmed Mater, Lulwah Al Homoud, Ayman Zedani, Rashed AlShashai and Maha Malluh, and international artists Daniel Buren, Carsten Höller, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Yayoi Kusama and Dan Flavin.Beacon is co-produced by Omnikon and Balich Worldwide ShowsArtistic consultancy by ApertΩArts


Beacon, in situ King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre Photos © Karolina Halatek


An ongoing collaboration by
Ingrid Pumayalla and Mazen Khaddaj


In The Planet Where We Met - stills from video performances. ©Ingrid Pumayalla and Mazen Khaddaj

Lavínia Diniz Freitas

Final Selection BienalSur 2021

Ingrid Pumayalla (PE)
Mazen Khaddaj (LB)

'In the Planet Where We Met' unites the practices of two internationally exhibiting artists from Peru and Lebanon. It consists of a series of collaborative video performances filmed shortly after Ingrid Pumayalla and Mazen Khaddaj got to know each other in Germany.The series highlights their process of familiarization with each other. Through shared, unscripted, live interactions, the exploration and cooperation of their commonalities and differences unfold to reveal the capacity of humans to trust.Their ongoing collaboration poetically addresses immigration, cultural issues, and emotions close to them individually as well as pressing issues in our society.The series continually develops as the artists will record new performances in every place that the multi-channel installation 'In the Planet Where We Met' is exhibited.

In The Planet Where We Met
Excerpts from video performances. ©Ingrid Pumayalla and Mazen Khaddaj



Performance by Anna Dahinden in dialogue with Roomination III by Katharina Bévand and Shahed Naji
Photo © Shahed Naji

4th Berliner Kunstsommer 13-22 Aug 2020Humboldt Carré - Berlin

Concept by Lavínia D. Freitas

Vernissage 13/08
Finissage with Performance
by Anna Dahinden 23/08

With the kind supportMusikfonds - Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the MediaKuchen Konderenz TechnikvisitBerlin

Humboldt Carré
Behrenstraße 42 | 10117 Berlin
Open daily 18:00 - 23:00


"Forms of modern life may differ in quite a few respects – but what unites them all is precisely their fragility, temporariness, vulnerability and inclination to constant change. To ‘be modern’ means to modernize – compulsively, obsessively; not so much just ‘to be’, let alone to keep its identity intact, but forever ‘becoming’, avoiding completion, staying underdefined..."
Zygmunt Bauman (1925 – 2017)
One cannot dodge the speed of change these days. Transformations, mutations and metamorphoses are familiar processes in the dynamics of contemporary life. In the past few months, we swiftly adjusted to panoramas described as "uncertain" times, "strange" times, "unforeseen" times, "times of reflection", and the list goes on. All this occurred amid ever-expanding yet intermittent and explosive waves of social and political advancement - in some cases, retrocession.FLOATING PRESENCE probes what it means to be ‘human’ in the globalised, interconnected, and ethnically diverse world we inhabit. Over ten days and evenings, in line with the curiosity of Alexander von Humboldt, participants from the fields of visual arts, performing arts, fashion, design, business and sciences explore compelling themes and challenges which surrounds us, investigating themes of consciousness, sustainability, and transhumanism in times of change.Installations and artworks that heighten the experience and reflect the world by twisting perceptions for moving effect, stirring emotions, shifting the status quo and proposing new inquiries, which, conceivably, only infer more inquiries, permeate the historical building of the Humboldt Carré, originally a former bank.Participants' movements and art performances complete the site-specific installation composed of ephemeral mediums of sound and light. Figures of future offsprings born from a combination of raw DNA data of two different people invigorate the debate of what is possible and ethical in science in the journey for the betterment of humanity as well as spur the quest of eternal life and the dream of transformation. A towering figure of upcycled material prompt reflections on the human impact on nature - the Anthropocene, combined with the presence of children it reminds us of our responsibility to future generations.The exhibition FLOATING PRESENCE stimulates reflection on the fluidity of modern life. These reflections will be mutable, personal and unique to each visitor. However, the recognition that the challenges facing us require coordinated collective action despite these differences in interpretation and conclusions is hard to avoid.


Performance by Anna Dahinden in dialogue with Roomination III by Katharina Bévand and Shahed Naji Photo © Shahed Naji


Roomination III (2020)
Katharina Bévand and Shahed Naji


Performance by Anna Dahinden in dialogue with Roomination III by Katharina Bévand and Shahed Naji Photo © Shahed Naji


MM (2011)
Cathy Jardon


Untitled (2019)
Amir Fattal


Die Braut (2020)
Stephan Bolz


APERTΩARTS have produced and curated exhibitions in Germany, the UK, USA, and Saudi Arabia, featuring the work of over 250 international artists, from emerging to established artists, including great masters, historical artefacts, as well as installations created as part of scientific collaborations.Over 100.000 people visited the interdisciplinary projects conceived with scientists and artists exploring themes such as the human perception of space (MOVING SPACE, 2017), how physical reality is different from what we perceive (ILLUSION – Reality is Not What it Seems, Science Gallery International, Trinity College, Dublin, 2016), and the psychological and emotional impact of receiving a heart transplant (HYBRID BODIES, 2016).In the UK, CONSCIENTIA: Latin American Consciousness (2014) was the runner-up at the Latin American Awards for the best exhibition of the year; LEIPZIG UNFOLDING (2015), the first survey of Leipzig contemporary art in London, was regarded as a must-see exhibition by the FAD Magazine.EVENT HORIZON (2019), a solo presentation of the Bulgarian artist Stoyan Dechev, took part in the official program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019 at the annual Week of Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, one of the most significant cultural events in Bulgaria, it was also selected for Frieze Sculpture 2020 (presentation cancelled due to COVID-19).Valley (2017) by polish artist Karolina Hallatek, an installation commissioned for the exhibition Moving Space (2017), took part in Alone Together, Artefact at the STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound, Leuven, Belgium, and Terminal (2016) had been selected for Sculptures in the City 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19). They are currently working on a large public commission in the Middle East launching in March 2021.


Floating Presence
Concept by Lavínia D. Freitas
Artistic Selection H. Backerra
Anna Dahinten (CH)
Amir Fattal (IL)
Cathy Jardon (FR)
Katharina Bévand (DE)
Lars Theuerkauff (DE)
Shahed Naji (LB)
Stephan Bolz (DE)
In the Planet Where We Met
Ingrid Pumayalla (PE)
Mazen Khaddaj (LB)
Event Horizon
Stoyan Dechev (BG)
Moving Space
Jeongmoon Choi (KR)
Ivana Franke (HR)
Karolina Halatek (PL)
Wisp Kollektiv – Felix Deufel, Kenneth Kirschner, Paul Schengber, Markus Schuricht (DE)
LAB212 – Cyril Diagne, Béatrice Lartigue (FR)
Guillaume Lachapelle (CA)
David Rickard (NZ)
Holger Schulze (DE)
Ief Spincemaille (BE)
Ben Tyers (UK)
Hybrid Bodies
Andrew Carney (UK)
Ingrid Bachman (CA)
Catherine Richards (CA)
Alexa Wright (UK)
Linnea Gwiazda (CA)
Maxine Segalowitz (CA)
Olivier Mourão (BR)

Illusion - Nothing is as it seems
Science Gallery International, Trinity College, Dublin
Curated by Dr. Richard Wisemann
Germany localisation by Lavínia D. Freitas
Moritz Wehrmann (DE)
Marcelina Wellmer (PL)
Madi Boyd (UK)
Rebecca Cummins (US)
Gregory Barsamian (US)
Joanna Hopkins (IE)
Jonty Hurwitz (ZA)
Shelley James (UK)
Matt Kenyon (US)
Adrien M / Claire B (FR)
Helen MacMahon (IE)
Anthony Murphy (IE)
Fiona Newell, Stefan Hutzler & Robert Murtagh (IE)
Nye Parry (UK)
Jeff Scanlan (US)
Karolina Sobecka (PL)
Pierrick Sorin (FR)
Chris Sugrue (US)
Jennifer Townley (NL)
Roseline de Thelin (FR)
Ian Willcock (UK)
Leipzig Unfolding
Hans Aichinger (DE)
Christiane Baumgartner (DE)
Tilo Baumgärtel (DE)
Famed (DE)
Claus Georg Stabe (DE)
Henriette Grahnert (DE)
Martin Groß (DE)
Nadin Maria Rüfenacht (CH)
Rosa Loy (DE)
Steffen Junghans (DE)
Falk Messerschmidt (DE)
Christoph Ruckhäberle (DE)
Annette Schröter (DE)
Thomas Sommer (DE)
Corinne von Lebusa (DE)

Laura Belém (BR)
Pato Bosich (CL)
Hen Coleman (VE)
Carlos Cruz- Diez (VE)
Pablo Ferreti (BR)
Beatriz Milhazes (BR)
Maria de Lima (BR)
Jakeline Londono (CO)
Cipriano Martinez (VE)
Santiago Montoya (CO)
Rivane Neuenschwander (BR)
Ricardo Rendón (MX)
Raquel Schembri (BR)
Emilia Sunyer (VE)
Yara Tupynambá (BR)
Sylvia Morgado (BR)
New British with Patch London
João Galrão (PT)
Alec Kronacker (BE)
Nadine Mahoney (UK)
Ernesto Cavanos (SP)
Sunju Lee (KR)
Elizabeth McDonald (UK)
Henny Acloque (UK)
Eleanor Moreton (UK)
Hannah Knox (UK)
Mark Beattie (UK)
Michele Fletcher (UK)
Holly Stevenson (UK)
Mat Chivers (UK)
Ralph Hunter Menzies (UK)
HaYoung Kim (KR)
Dai Toyofuku (US)
Evy Jokhova (CH)
Ann-Marie James (UK)
Dexter Dymoke (UK)
Kim Rugg (KR)
Sinta Werner (DE)
Andrew Hancock (UK)
Virgílio Ferreira (PT)


Beacon- Noor Riyadh 2021
Karolina Halatek (PL)
Complex States: Art In The Years Of BREXIT
Curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou & Catherine Harrington
Jeremy Deller (UK)
Ernst Stadelmann (DE)Blick Zurück Nach Vorn
Curated by Dr Constanze Fritzsch
Else Twin Gabriel (DE)
Anna Schimkat (DE)
Nicole Hewitt (HR)
Rainer Görß (DE)
Kristina Leko (HR)
Milica Tomić (RS)
Patch London
Adam Ball (UK)
Adam Neate (UK)
Adeline de Monseignat (DK)
Alan Rankle (UK)
Alex Knell (UK)
Alexander Massouras (UK)
Amy Stephens (UK)
Andrew Hancock (UK)
Ann-Marie James (UK)
Antony Micaleff (UK)
Astrid Kruse Jensen (DK)
Blue Curry (UK)
Bouke de Vries (NL)
Carlos Noronha Feio (PT)
Cathy de Monchaux (UK)
Chris Levine (UK)
Connor Brothers (UK)
Damien Hirst (UK)
Derrick Santini (UK)
Dexter Dymoke (UK)
Djordje Ozbolt (RS)
Dolly Thompsett (UK)
Emma Bennett (UK)
Frédérique Morrel (FR)
Gilbert & George (UK)
Gordon Cheung (UK)
Graham Dean (UK)
Gunther Herbst (ZA)
Guy Rusha (UK)
Hew Locke (UK)
Jamie Shovlin (UK)
Jan Maarten Voskuil (NL)
Jeff Koons (US)
Jeremy Deller (UK)
Jodie Carey (UK)
Kate MccGwire (UK)
Kevin Francis Gray (UK)
Kris Emmerson (UK)
Liane Lang (DE)
Lluís Barba (ES)
Lothar Götz (DE)
Mark Titchner (UK)
Martin Creed (UK)
Nancy Fouts (US)
Nicolas Ruston (UK)
Nicola Samori (IT)
Paul Benney (UK)
Rankin (UK)
Rebecca Stevenson (IT)
Rui Matsunaga (JP)
Simon English (UK)
Tom Gallant (UK)
Tracey Emin (UK)
Whitney McVeigh (UK)
Yinka Shonibare MBE (UK)
Yunkyung Jeong (KR)

Curated by Lydia Cowperwaith and Marcelle Joseph
Samira Alikhanzadeh
Nazgol Ansarinia
Phyllida Barlow (UK)
Tina Barney
Becky Beasley
Louise Bourgeois (FR)
Ruth Claxton
Prunella Clough
Marian Coutts
Laura Ford (UK)
Geraldine Gliubislavich
Nan Goldin (US)
Katy Grannan
Shirazeh Houshiary
Chantal Joffe
Josephine King (UK)
Katy Moran
Catherine Opie
Cornelia Parker (UK)
Anna Parkina
Paula Rego (PT)
Maaike Schoorel
Kiki Smith (US)
Elif Uras (TR)
Kara Walker (US)
Gillian Wearing (UK)
Rachel Whiteread (UK)
Francesca Woodman (US)
Vicky Wright (UK)
Afsoon (IR)
Güler Ates (TR)
Clarisse d'Arcimoles (FR)
Alexandra Bircken (DE)
Annabel Emson
Sally Fawkes (UK)
Jess Flood Paddock
Marenka Gabeler
Margarita Gluzberg (RU)
Rachel Goodyear (UK)
Vanessa Jackson (UK)
Karen Knorr (DE)
Julia Kunin (CN)
Kiki Lamers (NL)
Rania Matar (LB)
Michelle McKeown
Josephine Meckseper (DE)
Annie Morris (UK)
Jemimah Patterson (UK)
Alex Prager (US)
Eva Räder
Penelope Slinger (UK)
Laurie Simmons (US)
Shellburne Thurber
Mary Webb
Rose Wylie (UK)
Curated by Aretha Campbell
Camilla Emson
Corinne Felgate
Dale Marshall
Laurence Owen
Lucia Vera
Lucy Farley
Manuel Larralde
Tahnee Lonsdale
Vanessa Jackson
Sublimate Sublime Subliminal Curated by Alan Rankle and Kirsten Reynolds
Petri Ala-Maunus (FI)
Russell Baker (UK)
Helen Brough (UK)
Jackie Clark (AU)
Stephanie Donsø (DK)
Rune Elgaard Mortensen (DK)
Per Fronth (NO)
Bent Holstein (DK)
Andrew & Eden Kötting (UK)
Astrid Kruse Jensen (DK)
Oska Lappin (US)
Andrea Mariconti (IT)
Anders Moseholm (DK)
Alan Rankle (UK)
Kirsten Reynolds (US)
Nicola Samori (IT)
Enrico Savi (IT)
Eva Schlegel (AT)
Samppa Törmälehto (FI)

Curated by LONG & RYLE
Nick Archer
Sophie Benson
Su Blackwell
Simon Casson
Daniel Chatto
Jocelyn Clarke
Paul Coldwell
Mark Entwisle
Ramiro Fernandez Saus
Javier Garces
Tricia Gillman
Maro Gorky
Derrick Guild
Julia Hamilton
Manami Hayasaki
Henrietta Hoyer Millar
Daisaku Kawada
Anastasia Lewis
Natalie Meyjes
Melanie Miller
John Monks
Katharine Morling
Helen Napper
Fran Richardson
Geoff Routh
Brian Sayers
Flowers: Small is Beautiful at Art at Lloyds
Curated by Flowers Gallery
Lucy Jones
Patrick Hughes
Tom Phillips
Jiro Osuga
Michael Kidner
Nicola Hicks
Eduardo Paolozzi
Carol Robertson
Terry Frost
Peter Hawson
Cedric Christie
Glenys Barton
Albert Irvin
Glen Baxter
Tai-Shan Schierenberg
Freya Payne
Tim Lewis
Renny Tait
Kisoo Kwon
Tom Hammick
Renny Tait
Henry Kondracki
David Hepher
John Keane
John Kirby
John Keane
Jeanr Edden
Tony Lawrence
Richard Smith
George Blacklock
Amanda Faulkner
Glenys Barton
John Keane
Rachel Heller
Vicky Hawkins
Curated by Katie Heller - Patch London
Wendy Bevan
Jodie Carey
Gordon Cheung
Oliver Clegg
Nancy Fouts
Henry Hudson
Alice Instone
Alexander James
Anne-Marie James
Anthony Noel Kelly
Alexander Massouras
Laurence Owen
Alan Rankle
Martin Smith
Rebecca Stevenson
Bouke de Vries
Simon Ward
Masaki Yada

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APERTΩARTS works with private, corporate, and institutional clients to shape environments that stimulate and support creativity; to build collections or to promote a deeper understanding of the contemporary art market.Drawing on expertise, experience and connections in the arts, we locate, negotiate and purchase or commission art on behalf of clients, meeting their requirements of taste, image and budget.Our keen interest in new and emerging artists have enabled us to promote artists and their works in the early stages of their career while acquiring quality pieces for clients that consistently increase in value.Our offers range from researching and identifying potential acquisitions, private viewings and studio visits to framing, shipping, installation and advising on insurance options. Collection management is also part of our portfolio.


APERTO (Latin: to expose, ’lay bare’) ARTS is a tribute to the curators Achille Bonito Oliva and Harald Zeeman of the APERTO program integrating works by young artists into the Venice Biennale.

With the ideal of engaging wider audiences with Art, independent curator Lavínia Diniz Freitas founded the international curatorial platform APERTΩARTS. Conceiving and producing inventive, boundary-breaking, narrative-driven exhibition experiences, our projects showcase classical and contemporary art employing rich storytelling, new media and technology.Often working at the creative crossroads of art and sciences, ApertΩArts invites audiences on unique journeys offering spatial and sensory conditions for embodied experiences that invigorate public discourse and inspire social change.With an innovative approach to public engagement, our work has attracted tens of thousands of people and garnered attention from an array of different media outlets internationally, such as focus feature at ZDF Heute Journal, ARTE, Forbes, FRIEZE, ARTNET, MDR Kultur TV and Radio, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and designboom.Most recently, the exhibitions on intercultural exchange, In the Planet Where We Met (Peru and Lebanon) and Forged Multiculturalism (artists from the African diaspora in Brazil and from the former African Gold Coast) were finalists for Bienalsur 2021.In the public realm, Beacon, the monumental sculpture commissioned by the Royal Commission of the City of Riyadh for its public art programme, was on display at the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre (Noor Riyadh Festival) was awarded a Guinness Record; Event Horizon stood in Regent's Park, London (Frieze Sculpture 2021).Currently, Diniz Freitas is exploring the shared history of China and Brazil with a visual and sound artist from Macau in a solo exhibition in New York.